My ownlife

October 1, 2015

Hello everyone, I’m a Brazilian musician/programmer and this is just one more place on the Internet where I’ll write about my music.

Ownlife is a name for a progressive rock band, BUT it’s really just a side project where I put all the music I’ve composed by myself and try to make it really weird. Some things you should know about Ownlife:

So, if you’re on board with all this you’ll like to know that this is a kind of log of my activities regarding this band/project. Truth is I’ve been composing songs which fit the Ownlife “theme” for 5 years now and I’ve got so many pieces and fragments which I could develop into full songs, but just didn’t. Sometimes I forget that I got caught up into my routine, into my job, into other interesting projects and days will pass without a creative moment, but these melodies and stories always come back to me. So let’s get them out.

Have you read it until this point? Here’s a small fragment of something I call Summer Comes After which is utterly incomplete and needs more work.

My Ownlife - October 1, 2015 - Ownlife